Up your rugby game with advice from the pros

Up your rugby game with advice from the pros

Rugby is one of the greatest team sports and has something for everyone. Speed and power are important, but so too are vision and tactics. There are ways for all players to up their game.


Passing the ball makes rugby a fascinating game. There are various ways to pass the ball and being able to read the situation and know which pass is most effective is an important skill in itself. Being able to pass accurately and have the ball reach its intended destination – your teammate – is crucial. Practice as a squad, but you can practice on your own too, throwing the ball to targets on a wall. Professional players might practice passing for several hours a day.


As a contact sport, tackling is a skill that defines the game of rugby. Like passing, there are different ways to do it and variety should drive the training sessions. There are strict rules around tackling safely to protect all players. Some players prefer to wear body armour under their jersey for added protection, though there is conflicting evidence as to how effective it is in preventing injury.


Rugby matches are 80 minutes long and in today’s game, there is no respite; all players are on the move throughout. Stamina is therefore key, though being able to sprint is also important, especially for the backs, in case the break comes. Drills should include exercises for improving speed, but also acceleration, endurance, and changing direction.


Mental preparation and skills are also vital, but too often overlooked when it comes to training. Make time to look at strategy, tactics and theory, and also to look at your own game and understand your motivations. Being able to stay focused for the full 80 minutes takes practice and work.

Up your rugby game with advice from the pros


Natural flair is important but there is no substitute for hard graft and practice. Using rugby drills from companies like Sportplan https://www.sportplan.net/drills/rugby is a great way to focus and hone skills. For more information on how to improve your game, see the tips at Rugby How.

Practising skills will always be important but to become a great player you should also ensure you have enough game time because a real match environment is completely different from the training field.